VRL Architects has significant experience with new and remodel work with Educational, Commercial, Religious and Governmental project types.

Our firm also has expertise in re-roofing, water intrusion evaluation, repair and ADA deficiency corrections.

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Message from the President


Our web site is intended to describe our Team, our services and examples of the work for which we have been privileged to provide services.

We have included these examples of our work not so much to boast of our accomplishments or dwell on the past The purpose of displaying and describing these projects is to demonstrate the diversity of design solutions resulting from combining our client's visions with operational and site specific criteria.

Although we may have familiarity with a particular project type, clients will most often carry with them a vision and specific requirements for implementation. It is for us, the Creative Problem Solvers, to be good listeners and before any design is engaged, to document the program scope in as much detail as feasible. This, therefore, is the key to successfully providing services and the basis for the resultant variety of design solutions.

At VRL Architects, we carry a passion for creating pleasing, effective spaces within which people may work, play or rest. We wish to share that passion with those who are looking for assistance is realizing their vision.



VRL Architects, Inc.

Stephen F. Lazar, AIA