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Defining the use, size and functions of a project is fundamental to the Design Process.

Prior to any concept development, VRL Architects must understand the Clients needs and document these in written form.

Small project requirements may be documented in a simple letter or memo form listing desired spaces and relationships thereof. Larger and more complicated projects will require an Excel spread sheet listing spaces, square footages and special needs as required. Square footage costs are associated with the listed spaces at the initial phases of design and as the design progresses, the cost estimates are updated at appropriate milestones.

Architectural Designs

There are many factors which affect the design of a building. The site is, naturally , the first opportunity to determine the reality of a built environment. The site must be fully understood from all its complex issues. Also the purpose of the structure, the function, the neighboring environs and not the least of all the clients budget will all come into play to create a successful project.

VRL Architects takes pride in developing architectural designs which are appropriate for the clients site, function, schedule and budget. Long term viability and ease of maintenance are also important goals for each project. A review of our portfolio will be helpful in understanding the depth of flexibility and variety of the VRL Architecture.


Conditions Assessment

VRL Architects offers professional services for property and building assessment for clients and potential clients who wish to evaluate specific properties prior to purchasing for development. On a recent occasion, VRL representatives toured an existing manufacturing facility with a client who had an idea to remodel the building for professional offices. After evaluating the structure, the VRL team recommended that the client look at other properties due to issues not obvious to the buyer.

This service has proven invaluable to numerous clients. Commercial inspection services provide a great service, but, if an individual or company is considering a significant purchase, we do recommend consulting with a design professional if remodeling and / or expansion is anticipated.

Forensic Investigations

In Florida water intrusion and humidity control are two very common and often complex issues to face. VRL Architects has addressed these types of issues for a variety of project types : Libraries, Fire Stations, Museums, schools and office buildings.

In many cases destructive testing is required to determine the cause and extent of the problem. Non-destructive test methods are also employed. VRL will include professional engineers for specific problems such as humidity control or moisture migration through a building’s perimeter.

We have had clients contact us with a roof leak problem only to have us determine that it is instead a significant humidity problem.

VRL Architects is committed to determining the most cost effective and long term solutions to water intrusion problems.




Master Planning

For new or existing sites VRL Architects offers complete Master planning services.

We will retain the services of a variety of consultants as required for a specific project to include : surveyors, civil engineers, environmental engineers, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection engineers.

Master Planning efforts may include the following :
* Topographical & Tree Survey
* Environmental Survey
* Wetlands Survey
* Soils Investigation
* Site Utility Investigation
* Zoning Review
* Historic Overlay District Limitations
* Regulatory Agency Reviews
   * Water Management District
   * Florida Dept of Transportation
   * Electric Authority
   * Florida Dept of Environmental Regulation
   * US Army Corps of Engineers
   * City / County

Interior Space Planning

VRL Architects offers space planning and tenant improvement services for current and new clientele. Our staff is experienced with most aspects of planning, material and color selections. For complex projects or as requested by our clients, we retain the services of a licensed interior designer such as Janice Young & Associates.












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